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Posted by on Sep 4, 2014 in Disability | 0 comments

Benefits for those Hurt at Work

Many workers have been injured while working can benefit from both worker’s compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance, provided that the injury is qualified as a disability by the Social Security Administration. Both benefits are available for injured workers because they are separate programs. If you have been injured at work and would like to see if you qualify for both benefits, it is important that you consult with either a Social Security lawyer or a worker’s compensation lawyer to guide and inform you of your options and possibilities.

Worker’s compensation is a state- based benefit program, therefore it may depend this can differ from state to state. This means that if you are living in the state of Iowa, it may be best to talk with a Des Moines workers’ compensation lawyer to help explain how you may be eligible for both benefits. Generally, worker’s compensation is a temporary compensation benefit and is given as a form of continuing income while the injury heals. Already receiving worker’s compensation after an accident will not affect any eligibility you may have when applying for a disability claim with SSA.

According to the website of the Hankey Law Office P.C., the thing that differentiates worker’s compensation benefits from Social Security disability are the requirements to be considered “disabled.” For worker’s compensation, being considered or classified as “disabled” means that the injury you have prevents you from capably performing a job or task. On the other hand, SSA defines “disabled” as an injury preventing you from not only performing your former tasks or job, but also any other meaningful work in any field you may be reasonably trained for. This injury should be disabling that could last for over a year or lead to death. This, and many other differences, can make applying for Social Security disability insurance difficult. It may help if you consult with a Social Security lawyer to see if you do qualify and how you can properly proceed with your application.

It may seem advantageous to apply for both benefits when you believe that your injuries can qualify you for them and if they are available. However, it is vital that you talk with a lawyer first, preferably someone who understands the state laws regarding worker’s compensation and how Social Security Disability Insurance works. This will not only ensure that you determine whether you qualify for both benefits or not, but also how both of your claims may be approved. Additionally, a lawyer’s knowledge will reduce the chances that your application will be denied. 

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